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Reading Permission alone is one thing - I truly believe that the deepest learnings can happen in the privacy and confidentiality of our own homes via a book. I know this has been a vital first step for me again and again. 

Only that...sometimes we need a little extra in the way of accountability and that's where the Permission Book Club comes in! 


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  • Permission to shelve desire
  • Permission to love vanilla
  • Permission to have boundaries

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About Your Instructor

Lauren  White

Lauren White


Hey! I'm Lauren White. I’m a mama to two beautiful little girls, wife to one hunky man, a devoted coffee-lover and your resident sexologist. I have a bunch of degrees (you can read more about ‘em over here), a whole lot of professional expertise and a world of experience tucked into my very basic undergarments.

But what you most need to know is this: I’m a regular woman, just like you.

Yes, I have an awesome sex life.

But it’s not because I’m part of some weird sexologist club (does that exist?) or because I’m better at sex (I’m not) or I’m just a really horny woman (normal libido over here).

II've just learnt how to liberate and empower my sexuality to open up to the wonderful pleasures in life.

Now I want the same for you.

Lauren xo


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